Christine Sciulli

FugueState: Coplanar, January 2008

Video Documentation of Installation at Chi Contemporary Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY


My current body of work attempts to create a dialogue between a projection and a transformation of that projection, challenging the perception of seemingly simple geometries.

Through mapping strategies, I have been investigating the nature of a plane of light (which is the light projection of a straight line) as it is intercepted by a network of linear elements. The network may resonate biologically (a neural network), as well as a virtually (the web).

Large scale networks provides a topological transformation of the roving line of light. An "avatar" of the line separates and takes on its own idiosyncratic identity depending upon the surface with which it intersects.Points of light travel along the network of stretched string at times evaporating, colliding or regrouping, and the straight line is ephemerally redrawn within space. Surrounding the viewer, seemingly random traveling points of light appears capricious and arbitrary, providing a foil to their origin.