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Image ROIL Warchol

ROIL at Smack Mellon 09 January- 21 February 2016: Site-specific work,ROIL, creates an immersive and ephemeral experience drawing on the gallery’s unique history as one of "Gairville's" energy churning boiler buildings in DUMBO. 8 Channel video onto fabric installation, 35'Hx55'Lx28'W., click here for flickr image gallery. ROIL was awarded a 2016 Lumen CItation award by the NYC chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society and a Lighting Design Award for Light Art Project of the Year and was published in Issuu Mondo Arc's spotlight section in the April/May issue.

Enter a Cavern of Concentric Circles in ROIL, Vice, The Creators Project, DJ Pangburn, 22 January 2016

Christine Sciulli and her Monumental Installation at Smack Mellon, Art Report, December Projects, 31 January 2016

ROIL Video Projection Installation by Christine Sciulli, Illumni, Tariq Qayoom, 22 January 2016

With ROIL, Christine Sciulli mesmerizes, intimidates and provides the perfect selfie setting, Brooklyn Based, Regina Mogilevskaya, 11 February 2016


Installation photo ©2016 Paul Warchol

Image ROIL Frossard Image ROIL Burwell

Photo by Etienne Frossard courtesy of Smack Mellon ___________________________________ Photo by Tycho Burwell


NOMO FOMO WHAT: ROIL, a light installation that features a video of circles projected onto pillows of fabric. WHERE: Smack Mellon WHO: Christine Sciulli WHEN: Through Feb 21, 2016 FEED INSPIRATION: #smackmellon

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